Week 36: Millwork & Tile Prep

I went out on Tuesday morning to check out the paint color…just to see it one more time and I think I’m getting more used to it.  So that’s good!  But even better was that I saw the ceiling in the dining room.  The guys worked on it all day Monday and it looks phenomenal!  I texted Joel some pics of it because I was so excited – they turned out so great!!!

2016-02-09 07.32.18

The X beam in the dining room ceiling looks so fantastic. Definitely a fun detail and it’s just something different that’ll make our home more unique. Well worth the effort the guy put in all day Monday in creating it!

By the end of the week, they had the entire ceiling in the kitchen done as well.  All of it is turning out so great, and I’m really liking the crown moulding that we picked out as well.

The garage is now a major construction area and is filled with all of the millwork and the tile backer boards for the house.  And the tile I selected is starting to arrive as well.  There’s boxes of tile in the garage as well as near the bathrooms in the house.  The tile sub has already prepped the boys bath and the guest bath for tile and even laid out some to show us how  big the grout lines are going to be.  The guest bath’s shower will be gray and white subway tile in a stripe pattern which they contractor laid out on the floor in the rec room.  It’ll be brick set, not square set like they did here – but it gives us a good idea of what the finished shower will look like.

On Sunday this week we also met our new neighbors – Sarah and Jeff.  They purchased the empty lot next to ours and will hopefully break ground on their home sometime in 2016.  We showed them around our house and shared some lessons learned that we had from our building/permitting process.  They’re going to be building what they called a “northwest modern” home.  And they’ll be building a one story + basement home just like us, which will fit well with their property grades.  Their house will have the master on the main level and three bedrooms downstairs like us too!

2016-02-13 12.16.28

And of course, it’s Valentine’s Day today – Happy Valentine’s Day from our little Spence!

2016-02-14 16.27.28

And check out the tile we ordered for our Master…how fitting for Valentine’s Day!? LOVE!!


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